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ED22917 : Learning for Project Management in a Higher Education Curriculum

Presenter: Steven Nijhuis

Monday, 16 July
1:30 PM–2:15 PM
45 minutes

Several higher education curricula view project management as one of the competences they need to incorporate but literature does not provide a set of evidence-based competences for curriculum design. In this session, a set of research-based competences is constructed for project management that could be incorporated into higher education curricula. Based on research performed in the past decade on important project management competences, a top ten of competences is constructed that accounts for more than 75 percent of the competences that recent research has shown to be important. Being rather abstract in description, the top ten is elaborated on in further detail, using standards and other research, in order to make them more useful for a curriculum designer. The detailing also provides useful hints for curriculum design. Future research should be done with regard to (industry specific design for) project management courses and in assessing students.

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